Here at Today’s Dental in Livingston, Texas, we offer all of our patients the opportunity to change the appearance of their smiles in many different ways. The variety of our procedures extends from dental implants or the replacement of a missing tooth to dental veneers. One of our most popular treatments that our patients ask for is teeth whitening.

Everyone at some point wishes or has wished that their smile was a little bit whiter, fortunately with new dental technology we can offer our patients professional whitening.


Professional Whitening

We say that the whitening that we offer is professional whitening because there is a major difference between store-bought whitening products and professional whitening. Because the want for white teeth spreads far more, most turn to cheap over-the-counter products to receive a white smile.

With professional whitening from our office, we can ensure to our patients that the bleaching agent is 100% safe and effective. Unlike store-bought products, our whitening is guaranteed to make your teeth multiple shades whiter and stay whiter longer.


Opalescence Take-Home Whitening

We are all about convenience here in our office and we do everything we can to make receiving dental care easy. Whitening in our office is technically actually done in the comfort of your own home! Once deciding whitening is the best option for you, we will make exact molds of your teeth that will allow us to make your whitening trays.

Whitening trays are used to hold the dental bleach against your teeth during whitening. Depending on your specific needs the dentist will advise you on the amount of bleach to use and the amount of time it should be left on your teeth.

Being able to whiten at home has given our patients the flexibility to do it on their own time when it is convenient for them instead of making an appointment to come in. Each whitening kit comes with your custom trays, bleach and even toothpaste!

Teeth whitening is for anyone who craves to have a brighter smile! We highly recommend using our professional whitening at Today’s Dental before turning to store-bought products. If you have any questions or would like to start your whitening now, come see us in our office in Levingston, Texas.