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Are you suffering from chronic headaches? Did you know that headaches are frequently caused by a syndrome known as TMJ disorder. In fact over 23 million people suffer from such headaches resulting in an estimated loss of 157 million workdays each year. If you are suffering from these symptoms, ask Dr. Lewis today about being placed in night guard therapy. A night guard is a custom fit appliance that patients wear to protect there teeth and limit the force that is applied during clenching and grinding, particularly at night.

Are your teeth becoming increasingly sensitive? Have you had a clear dental check-up recently? You may experience tooth sensitivity, or dentin hypersensitivity after eating/drinking hot or cold foods/liquids, or breathing in cold air. This may be caused by the abrasion of your teeth at the gum line that happens overtime by brushing too hard, grinding, clenching, consumption of acidic foods and carbonated beverages. All of these agents can chemically and physically dissolve the enamel over time, resulting in exposed dentin. Be careful of the toothpaste you use and some whitening treatments as they will further abrade the teeth. Ask Dr. Lewis at your next dental visit about fluoride tray therapy. Fluoride trays are custom fit trays that are filled with fluoride and worn at night to help seal the abraded areas and prevent further sensitivity. Fluoride trays are also an excellent tool in the prevention of cavities.

Dr. Lewis knows how to put an end to that annoying snoring! All joking aside, snoring is a serious matter and often can be dangerous to your overall health. A recent study at Hartford Univ. found that simple snoring increases the chance of cardiovascular disease by 33% in women. Other health problems related to snoring include but are not limited to sleep apnea, hypertension, high blood pressure, heart problems and eventually stroke. With our Thera Snore appliance, you will be able to sleep great and prevent those unwanted health risks associated with snoring. Many who use Thera Snore say that it is an overall effective non-surgical treatment that can be fitted in one short painless visit.  

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