Orthodontics in Livingston, Texas

Traditionally, one would need to go to a specialized orthodontic office to receive any kind of orthodontic work. Lucky for you and your family, Dr. Lewis of Today’s Dental is specially trained and practiced in orthodontics and can help you receive the smile of your dreams.


Why do I need Orthodontics?

Orthodontic work is specifically designed to help you achieve a straighter smile and to fix irregularities in your face and jaw region. Many different teeth problems can and should be treated with orthodontic work including:

Overbite: An overbite can easily be described as a protrusion of the upper jaw that overpowers the bottom jaw making it look receded.

Underbite: Just the opposite of an overbite where the bottom jaw is protruding.

Overcrowding: Having an overcrowded smile means that there is not enough room for all of your adult teeth to grow in properly. This can cause serious health problems since your teeth are harder to clean.

If you are suffering from any of these things, please come in and talk to our dentist about receiving orthodontic care.



Braces are the most common and traditional form of orthodontic treatment. Many are familiar with the basics of braces and how they work to create a perfect smile. With braces, there are two main pieces used: the brackets and the archwire. These pieces work together to put slight pressure on your teeth to move in a direction that will align your teeth.

Working closely with the dentist, he will determine your treatment plan and the process that you will go through while having braces. Metal brackets and archwire will be placed on at one of your first visits. Throughout time, depending on the dentists’ recommendation, you will visit our office to have adjustments.


Come See Dr. Lewis

Dr. Lewis and our staff are dedicated to helping you have a healthy and beautiful smile. Correcting severe problems such as overcrowding, over and underbites significantly will improve the health of your smile.

Not only are we focused on the health of your smile, but we also want you to love your smile and feel confident. A straighter smile will increase self-confidence, therefore, increasing your overall quality of life. Please contact Today’s Dental in Livingston, Texas for any questions you may have regarding orthodontic work.