Restorative dentistry is the range of procedures designed to return your teeth to their original condition, or better. Restorative dentistry is necessary if you have long-term oral health issues such as decay, or if you have been injured. The goal of these techniques is to restore your natural smile and improve the overall aesthetic. 

Restorative dentistry can also improve your overall oral health. It can include a variety of treatments, including root canals, filings and more. 


The Benefits Of Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry offers a host of benefits. These include:

  • Bone structure preservation: Restorative dental procedures prevent bone-damaging bacteria from proliferating and thinning the bone tissue around your jaw. Dental crowns, for instance, create a cap around the gum to prevent germs from infiltrating below the gumline. 
  • Increased comfort: Misaligned or decaying teeth can cause pain and discomfort in the surrounding tissues, including the jaw muscles. Restorative dentistry encompasses procedures to correct this, improving other aspects of your life, such as persistent headaches or trouble sleeping.
  • Better chewing: If you are in pain or your teeth are not correctly aligned, it can make chewing food problematic, leading to digestive issues and other muscle-related problems. Restorative dentistry, therefore, gets rid of your reliance on just one side of your mouth. 
  • Improve overall oral health: Patients in Livingston, Texas, also use restorative dentistry as a way to improve their overall oral health. Dentists can fill cavities and deal with infections in the roots of teeth. They can also address gum issues that might increase the likelihood of infections in the future. 
  • Protect natural teeth: Having a gap in your smile can actually increase the chances of tooth loss for the adjacent teeth. That’s because it becomes easier for bacteria to penetrate below the gum line and cause disease. Restorative dentistry, however, replaces missing teeth with prosthetics, such as crowns, stopping germs in their tracks. 


Restorative Dentistry Procedures

We offer a range of restorative dentistry procedures designed to prevent the loss of teeth, relieve dental pain, repair damaged and decayed teeth, and replace missing teeth. 



We offer CEREC one-visit crowns, a revolutionary way for patients living in Livingston, TX, to restore their teeth. CEREC stands for Chair side Economic Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics which just means “a quick and affordable way to restore damaged teeth.” The procedure is for patients who currently have an existing tooth stub and need to replace it with something more substantial.

CEREC is metal-free, meaning no unattractive fillings in your mouth. And you can get it done in a single visit, which makes it more convenient than some other tooth replacement options. 



We also offer both full and partial denture. Complete dentures replace all of the teeth in an arch, while partial dentures just replace those that are missing. Dentures have remarkable benefits, including improved chewing, speech and digestion. They can even enhance your facial tissues by improving biting surfaces in your mouth. Treatment takes several weeks.


If you are interested in restoring the look and function of your smile, call Today’s Dental in Livingston, TX today.